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How to Choose the Best Light Company in Texas

When it comes to choosing the right light company for you and your family, it can be almost overwhelming. In Texas, there are over 100 electric companies and thousands of energy plans to choose from. It can take hours of research and dozens of phone calls to various distributors to get the lowdown on what they’re offering. That’s where EnerGenie comes in. We do the hard work for you by helping you choose the best light company in Texas to serve your needs. If you’re curious about how we do this, Contact Us or continue reading, and I’ll try to answer all of your questions regarding light companies.

How Does Deregulated Energy Work for Texans?

In many states and cities, residents don’t have the option to choose which electric company they want to provide service to them. It’s often predetermined according to where you live and what the nearest provider is. In Texas, however, residents have the right to choose which company they want to work through.

While this may seem like a blessing at first, it can be challenging for residents to know which company to choose. With hundreds of companies and thousands of plans to pick from, many people get overwhelmed and simply choose the one with the most google reviews. While this might work for some things, it isn’t always the best way to choose an energy plan.

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Is the cheapest option always the best one?

Everyone wants to save money on their energy bill, but choosing the cheapest option doesn’t always do that for you. It’s essential to look at more than just the kilowatt per hour cost of electricity and dig into the fine print. They might have hidden fees or surcharges that don’t immediately jump off the page at you. They might also have fixed contracts that you can’t get out of when a better plan comes along.

Unfortunately, this is often the trap that people fall into when they get tired of looking for the best energy deal in Texas. They choose whichever plan shows the best upfront rate and assume that nothing will change as long as they stick with that company. EnerGenie, on the other hand, uses a series of algorithms to churn out the best short-term and long-term energy company for you. We look at more than just the immediate cost of energy and read the fine print that many companies don’t want you to see.

What to Look for in a Good Light Company

Choosing the right light company for you is what EnerGenie is all about. We consider many different things and know what the fine print says about energy plans in Texas. Here’s what we look for in a good light company, and you’d be well advised to look for the same things

The best rate

The best rate isn’t necessarily the cheapest rate when it comes to energy in Texas. Sure, you want to pay the lowest rate possible, but over a long period of time rather than right off the bat. Companies might offer low rates upfront, but the prices could increase down the road, or they might have high surcharges and hidden fees.

The plan that makes the most sense for your home

Choosing the right energy plan for you also depends on your home’s size, condition, and location. Most times, the newer your house is, the better the insulation and the more efficient it is. It also depends on how much electricity you and your family typically use. If you go through a ton of electricity, it’s more important to find a plan with low rates and high energy limits.

The size of your house or apartment is also an important factor. EnerGenie considers the square footage of your home, its efficiency, and how much electricity you typically use in a month. We crunch all of these numbers and compare them to plans that Texas light companies have. This allows us to choose the best plan for your particular home.

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Transparency, integrity, and flexibility

One of the biggest factors when choosing an energy company is selecting one that you can trust. Companies that offer plans with dozens of pages of fine print that’s impossible to read and comprehend are ones that you should stay away from. It’s vital that you know what you’ll be paying per month.

For example, certain companies might advertise 9 cents per kWh in giant, bold letters. What they fail to include in their advertisement but sneak into the fine print is that this price is subject to change. You might pay 9 cents for the first 1,500 kilowatt-hours but end up paying 15 cents per kWh for every bit of energy you use over your allowed amount.

Energy plans are a lot like TV and internet plans. They offer a program that starts at 10 cents per kWh for the first year of enrollment but automatically jacks the price up to 15 cents after the first year. They include this information in one of their dozens of pages of fine print, but it’s easy for details like these to slip through the cracks. They might even have contracts that it’s impossible to get out of once you realize that you’ve been duped.

Good customer service

Another critical factor for a good light company is the quality of its customer service. If you have a power outage or need help fast, you don’t want to be on hold for an hour, waiting for your electric company to answer their phone. Customer service and a helpful attitude are both things that EnerGenie takes into account when choosing your plan.

Why going through EnerGenie is best.

If you haven’t realized it yet, choosing the right light company in Texas for you is extremely difficult and time-consuming. EnerGenie takes the guesswork and research out of the equation. All you need to do is Contact Us or sign up online and input your information and what your desires are for an energy company. We take all of your information into consideration and choose the best companies for you.

When you decide which one you want to go with, we’ll even handle the signup process and act as a middle man between you and your energy company. We’ll even help you get out of your current contract if you’re already signed up for one. Choosing the right energy company in Texas has never been easier than with EnerGenie.

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