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Low Income Electric Companies in Texas

Best Electric Companies for Low-Income Residents in Texas

The past few years and even the present, have been some of the roughest for Texas residents. It’s been tough mentally, emotionally, and especially financially thanks to Covid in past years, and now because of inflation and an unpredictable economy. As a result, thousands of Texans are scrambling to find ways to save money and stretch out their dollars.

One of the best ways you can do this, is by saving money on your monthly electricity plan. Electricity doesn’t have to break the bank, but it often does when you sign up for a plan that you don’t know all the details about. If you’re in search of low income electric companies in Texas with affordable plans, contact us at EnerGenie. For more information, continue reading this article.

Are There Free or Low Income Electric Companies in Texas?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any electricity companies in Texas that are specifically geared towards giving out free electricity. However, there are many companies that offer periods of free electricity such as during evenings and weekends. So, one way to get free electricity is by only using it during the pre-designated free periods. It might turn your daily schedule upside down, but it’s worth it if you save enough money.

Renewable Energy Credits

Another good option to get money back on your electricity is with renewable energy credits. Renewable energy credits are when you have solar panels or a wind turbine on your property that generates electricity. By using this electricity or dumping it back into the Texas power grid, your power company will apply free credits toward your monthly bill. Depending on how much electricity you produce, you could be looking at free electricity.

However, installing solar panels and wind turbines is quite costly. If you’re already on a low income or fixed budget, you likely won’t be able to afford these costs.

Instead, you should contact us at EnerGenie and allow us to find the best electricity plan for you. We’ll take your budget, monthly usage, and location into consideration when finding your plan. Using this information, we’ll find you the best electricity plan with the lowest rate possible.

Can I Get Financial Help With My Electric Bills in Texas?

One of the best things about Texas is that it’s a state that seems to actually care for its residents. There are many plans and entities in place that can assist you with your monthly power bill if you’re unable to pay it. Whether you’re elderly, disabled, or simply going through a rough patch with your finances, these entities help all who need it.

  • The Texas Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program
  • The Texas Weatherization Assistance Program

These are the two programs worth checking out if you’re a resident of Texas and need help with your energy bills.

Additionally, here are a few federal programs that might be worth checking out.

  • Energy Efficient Mortgage Insurance
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
  • Weatherization Assistance Program for Low-Income Persons

It might also be worth checking with the Texas Public Utilities Commission, who is responsible for the entire energy grid in Texas.

However, if you’re in a tight spot and want to make ends meet if none of the programs listed above help you, EnerGenie is here to help. Contact us if you’re ready to take the next step on your path to financial freedom. We’ll find an electricity plan and rate so cheap that you’ll be able to afford it and have plenty of money left over for all the other essentials in life.

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You Could Save Hundreds on Electricity

Best Low Income Electric Companies in Texas

How to Switch Out of an Electric Plan That’s Too Expensive

Whether it’s because of rising rates or because your life situation has suddenly changed, you may no longer be able to afford your current electricity plan. Unfortunately, power companies make it as hard as possible to get out of your contract unscathed. They often have early termination fees built into their contracts between $100 to $500. They can be even higher if their stipulation is that you have to pay X amount of dollars for every month remaining on your contract.

Once again, EnerGenie can help you get out of your contract and switch to one more affordable. If there are early termination fees involved with your current contract, we’ll do our best to cancel them out. If there’s nothing we can do, we’ll make sure that the savings on your new contract outweigh the termination fees of the old one. Either way, you should contact us today to get started.

Can I Sign Up for an Electric Plan With a Bad Credit Score?

Most of the electric plans in Texas require you to pass a credit check or pay a hefty deposit to sign up for them. However, if you want to bypass these obstacles, there are several options at your disposal.

  • Prepaid Plans

Because you’re paying for electricity at the beginning of each month before you use it, there’s no need for a credit check or a deposit. However, rates on prepaid plans tend to be slightly higher than other plans, and there may be a restart fee if you go over your allotted energy amount and have to purchase more.

  • No Deposit Plans

There are also no deposit plans where you pay for electricity at the end of the month like normal, but no deposit is required. However, there’s usually a credit check involved and the rates tend to be a little higher than with other plans.

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You Could Save Hundreds on Electricity

How to Find the Best Low Income Electric Companies in Texas

If you haven’t figured it out yet, EnerGenie is the best way to find the best low income electric companies in Texas with an affordable rate and plan. The reason you need EnerGenie’s help is because there are over 150 REPs in Texas, and many of them offer confusing and unclear plans. With EnerGenie, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best and most affordable plan based on your usage and lifestyle.

Once you sign up with us, we’ll even monitor your plan to ensure there aren’t any rate hikes or unexpected charges. We’ll also monitor the energy market in case a better plan comes along, in which case we’ll get you out of your current contract and switch you to the better option.

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