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In February of 2021, the state of Texas had a winter experience like never before. Over the course of nearly a week, millions of Texans were without power or heat and experienced record low temperatures. If you’re curious about what the causes and consequences of the Texas Freeze were, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll look at what the Texas Freeze was and what we can do to be ready in case there’s a next time. You can also contact us at Energenie if you’re one of the many Texans looking to protect yourself from future rate hikes by locking in a fixed, low electricity rate.

What Was the Texas Freeze?

The Texas Freeze is known by several names including the “Deep Freeze” or the “Great Texas Freeze,” but they all refer to the same thing. Most of the United States experienced terrible winter storms in February of 2021, but Texas was arguably the worst among them. Millions of people lost power and were without water, heat, or electricity during the coldest winter in 72 years.

All in all, the Texas Freeze caused over 4 million Texans to lose power, record-high energy prices, and over 200 total deaths. It marked one of the lowest points of the 21st century for Texans and it was largely unavoidable with proper planning.

What Caused the Texas Freeze?

Simply put, the Texas Freeze was caused by a series of events that came together to form a perfect storm. Texas wasn’t prepared for the record low temperatures that they experienced, and no one was caught more off guard than the power grid. Nearly every form of power failed including gas power, wind power, and solar power.

Gas companies were caught without sufficient gas to support their respective areas. Additionally, many underground gas lines froze over, preventing the flow of gas into homes. At the same time, wind turbines responsible for generating 23% of Texas’ energy froze over and failed to produce any energy.

Due to the energy shortage, rolling blackouts were implemented throughout the affected areas, but it wasn’t enough to make a difference. Additionally, the entire power grid of Texas came to within minutes of collapsing and would have done so without the rolling blackouts. While the record low temperatures initiated the Texas Freeze, a lack of preparation and sufficient energy was the main cause.

Consequences of the Texas Freeze

As a result of the Texas Freeze, 210 people died as a result of hypothermia, freezing to death, water, or food shortages. Over 5 million Texans experienced power outages, some for more than three days at a time. The extreme need for electricity jacked up the prices and some residents were saddled with thousands of dollars in electric bills. All in all, it was a total disaster for Texas and showed where the energy grid was lacking.

Tips to Be Prepared for Next Time

While the state and federal governments are taking measures to ensure that they aren’t once again caught unprepared, here are some things that you can do so that you’re ready if there’s another Texas Freeze.

  • Keep at least a three-day supply of food and water in reserve for emergencies.
  • Make sure to have extra blankets and winter clothing on hand during winter.
  • Invest in a battery-powered or generator-powered heater for your home.

How EnerGenie Can Help You

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By taking these small steps of preparation, you can protect yourself and your family during the next Texas Freeze.

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