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Texas Energy Services in Texas

How to Find the Best Texas Energy Services

Whether you’re new to Texas or a lifelong resident, finding the right energy service is extremely important. New residents aren’t always aware that they have the opportunity to choose their own service providers, namely their own power company and electricity plan. During the process of moving to a new area, however, the last thing you want to worry about is picking an electricity company. Not to worry, because EnerGenie is here to help. In this article, we’ll look at the importance of choosing the right energy services as well as the best and easiest way to.

The Difference Between Energy Services and Electricity Services

First and foremost, there’s a difference between energy services and electricity services. While electricity is a form of energy, the energy sector isn’t limited to electricity alone. In Texas, electricity is a deregulated energy source which means that it’s bought and sold on a private level by retail electric providers. Because of deregulation, Texas residents have the power to choose their own power company and electricity plan.

There are a number of energy sources that are used to generate electricity in Texas.

  • Fossil fuels

Fossil fuels include coal and natural gas among other less popular choices.

  • Nuclear power

Nuclear power is used to make electricity at nuclear power plants. Nuclear energy is converted into heat energy which is then used to change water into steam inside of a boiler. The steam then creates kinetic energy which is transformed into electricity.

  • Renewable resources

Texas is one of the top states in terms of electricity generated from renewable resources. Solar power, wind turbines, and hydropower are all forms of sustainable energy in Texas.

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Types of Energy Services and Plans in Texas

Different Types of Energy Services and Plans in Texas

Renewable Resource Energy Services

If you have a green thumb, you can optionally choose an energy service in Texas that’s 100% sustainable. Renewable electricity plans are typically available in larger cities such as Houston, or dozens of other parts in Texas.

Prepaid Energy Services

With prepaid electricity plans, you determine at the beginning of the month how much electricity you plan to use and pay for it up-front. This type of energy service is similar to a prepaid phone plan where you pay for a predetermined amount of data. However, in both cases, if you go over your allotted amount, you must contact your energy provider and purchase additional amounts.

Fixed-Rate and Variable-Rate Energy Services

The two most common types of energy services in Texas are fixed-rate and variable-rate electricity plans. With fixed-rate plans, you sign up for a term-length contract from 12 to 36 months and get locked into an electricity rate for the duration of that time.

Variable-rate electricity plans, on the other hand, have rates that change from month to month. These types of plans typically have shorter term lengths and can even be from month to month. Variable-rate electricity plans are more volatile than fixed-rate plans and could potentially save you money or cost money based on the electricity market.

Free Night and Weekend Energy Services

Free night and weekend energy services are typically factored into fixed or variable rate plans. These energy services are additional perks where there are predetermined periods of free electricity. These periods are designed to steer homes and businesses away from using energy at typical times and help to ease the strain on the electrical grid.

Who is the Top Energy Service Company in Texas?

There are lots of variables when it comes to determining who the top energy service company is in Texas. Because of how competitive the energy market is, there are over 150 energy service companies known as retail electric providers. They all have benefits, perks, and competitive rates that are designed to entice you into signing up with them.

However, the best energy service companies are the ones with the best reputation. Honesty, integrity, and transparency are crucial when it comes to choosing the best electricity company and plan. When you use EnerGenie to find your electricity plan, we take the company’s reputation into account. We look at more than the rates, benefits, and perks of energy service and look at the plan as a whole.

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How to Find a Texas Energy Service Near Me?

Depending on where you live or work in Texas, you will have dozens of energy services to choose from if not more. As a general rule, the larger the city is that you live in, the more energy service options there are to choose from. However, researching all the energy services that are at your disposal can take hours if not days. Not everyone has time for this tedious task, especially if you’re a new resident.

If indeed you are new to Texas, your time is going to be spent doing more important and fun things than choosing an energy service. It’s also difficult to know which services are available in your area. If only there was an easy and convenient way to choose an electricity plan in Texas.

The Best Way to Shop for Texas Energy Services

If you’re in the market for a new energy service company but don’t know who to pick, EnerGenie is here for you. Contact us to find out how we can help you save money with your next power company. We will enter your zip code into our database and find the best companies that service your area. We will also make sure that you’re aware of any hidden fees or special deals that each company is providing.

EnerGenie is your personal electricity concierge service. By signing up through us, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you have a cheap electricity rate locked in to avoid rate hikes. You’ll also never have to worry about falling onto a high variable electricity rate because we continuously monitor your account and the market to sign you up for another great rate when your contract is coming up for renewal.

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