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Electricity Companies in Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth is one of the largest and most populous cities in the great state of Texas. It’s home to tons of great attractions and things to do, and it’s also home to a seemingly unlimited number of electricity companies. So, whether you’re new to the area or are a lifelong resident of Fort Worth, you’ve come to the right place to find your next electricity company.

Unlike other parts of the country, the electricity market in Fort Worth is competitive and fierce. Thanks to deregulation, you have the power to choose whichever electricity company you want, as long as they service your area. Because there are dozens of companies to choose between and hundreds of plans at your disposal, making the right choice is extremely difficult. Contact us at EnerGenie if you want to save tons of time and money, and let us choose your next electricity company in Fort Worth for you.

What to Look for in an Electricity Company in Fort Worth

Choosing the right electricity company the first time around is crucial. Many companies have early termination fees that you’ll have to pay if you discover that you don’t like your contract after you’ve already signed up for it. Contact us if you don’t want to make this mistake and choose the right company the first time around. We’ll also help you get out of your current contract with minimal fees and issues and get you on the right electricity track once again.


Transparency with an electricity company means they don’t have sneaky or hidden rates or fees built into their plans. Hidden rates and fees are prevalent among electricity providers throughout Texas, and they can quickly turn a great plan into a terrible one. Hidden fees include service charges, delivery fees, startup fees, recharge fees, and more. Good companies with transparent plans will build these fees into their rates or make sure you know their existence.

However, you won’t be aware of hidden rates and fees with a bad company until your monthly power bill arrives. EnerGenie has state-of-the-art technology that detects hidden rates and fees and ensures that you’re aware of them before you sign up.

Good Reviews

Another thing you should always look for is good reviews, both online and from customers near you. Reviews allow people to give their honest opinion about various electricity companies, and you should look at both positive and negative ones to get the whole picture.

Competitive Rates and Plans

As with anything good in the world, your power company should offer rates and plans that are competitive, affordable, and honest. Like we said before, hidden rates and fees are prevalent in Texas, so make sure that you know the exact terms of your contract.

However, reading and understanding all the terms of your contract means reading dozens of pages of boring information. Reading and understanding this takes time, which you likely don’t have to waste. If you’re not in the mood to mess with that, EnerGenie is here to help!

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Can I Choose Whatever Electricity Company in Fort Worth That I Want to?

As long as the electricity company in Fort Worth that you like services your zip code, you can choose them. Deregulation in Texas happened in 2002 and led to the founding of over 120 electricity companies. Because of how big Fort Worth is, many service the area. As long as they provide electricity to your specific zip code, you can choose them or let EnerGenie choose them for you.

Which Electricity Company in Fort Worth has the Best Rates?

It’s impossible to say which electricity company in Fort Worth has the best rates because that can mean many different things. The best rate and plan for your neighbor might not be the best rate for you. It all depends on your living situation, household size, when and how you use electricity, and many other factors. EnerGenie can take all of these things into consideration in seconds and choose the electricity company that has the best rates for you.

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Who has the Cheapest Electricity in Fort Worth?

Electricity rates in Texas are similar to the stock market because they’re ever-changing and evolving. The company with the cheapest rates today might have expensive rates tomorrow. Another factor that makes finding the most affordable electricity in Fort Worth very difficult is that there are more to electricity rates than the number you see on paper.

While the listed rate for a certain plan might say 12 cents / kWh, that isn’t always the rate you’ll pay. Some plans have minimum usage requirements or tiered rates that can alter your overall rate dramatically. Twelve cents / kWh can quickly turn into 15 or 20 cents if you use too much or too little electricity, depending on the terms of your plan.

The best way to keep this from happening is to sign up for your electricity plan using EnerGenie. We’ll make sure you know the terms of your plan when we enroll you into it, and we’ll also make sure that it fits the needs of you and your family.

What's the Best Way to Find an Electricity Company in Fort Worth?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, choosing an electricity company in Fort Worth is difficult and tedious. Choosing the right plan is even harder! Rather than honing in on a single company, EnerGenie uses your zip code to find all the companies servicing your area. We then find all the company plans that fit your needs and enroll you in the best one.

How do we do it? Simple! When you sign up with EnerGenie, we ask you a few basic questions about the size of your household, how much electricity you typically use, and when you use the most power. With that information, we find you the perfect electricity plan, enroll you in it, inform you about the plan’s terms, and monitor the market in case something better comes along. EnerGenie is the best and easiest way to find the best electricity company and plan in Fort Worth and throughout Texas.

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