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Power outages are no fun, especially when it’s in the middle of winter or in the heat of summer. Going without air conditioning when it’s over 100 degrees outside is unbearable and dangerous. However, even more dangerous is losing power in the middle of a snow or ice storm. Either way, it’s important that you’re prepared for the challenges of a power outage. Here are some tips to keep in mind for the next time the lights go out. Contact us at Energenie for more tips and to find the best electric company for your needs!

Make a Plan and be Prepared

When I say make a plan and be prepared, I’m not saying that you have to go full-blown doomsday prepper with a bunker and five years’ worth of canned goods. You should, however, have at least two to three days’ worth of food and water set aside for you and your family. You should also make sure that every member of your family knows what to do in case of a power outage and that they have a working flashlight with extra batteries at their side. You can never go wrong by being too prepared, especially with power outages.

Have Backup Power Sources for your Electronics

Not everyone can afford a whole-house generator to keep their house powered during a power outage. However, for less than $30, you can purchase battery packs for anything that operates with a battery. Whether it’s a laptop, cell phone, or whatever else, battery packs will keep your devices on longer and help you kill time during a power outage.

Turn Off All Your Non-Essential Electronics

If the power does indeed go out, you should go through your house and make sure that all non-essential electronics are turned off. That means unplugging your TVs, turning off your lights, and unplugging any electronics that you want to protect. It’s possible that they can get damaged by a power surge when the power suddenly turns back on.

Sign Up for Emergency and Power Alerts

Most power companies allow you to sign up for text alerts or e-alerts anytime there’s a power outage. They will alert you when there’s a power outage and when they expect power to be restored.

Invest in a Generator

Generators are expensive investments, but they add comfort, protection, and security during a power outage. There are many different types and sizes of generators available. You can purchase one for your entire home, or you can get a smaller, portable one to power the essentials. Either way, a generator will make your power outage experience a more comfortable one.

Stay Safe!

Above all, make sure that you stay safe during a power outage. Many outages occur during the winter or during storms, both of which are dangerous. In case of winter power outages, make sure that you have extra blankets and a battery-powered heater for prolonged outages. Safety is number one during a power outage, so do whatever you must to protect yourself and your family.

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