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There are few better ways to beat the summer heat than to jump into your pool for a cool down. However, pools are fairly pricey to clean and maintain, which is why it’s important to know how to save money with them. The average inground pool installation costs right around $35,000, which makes them an expensive commodity. However, whether you already have one installed or you’re thinking about installing one, here are some of the best ways to save money with a pool. 

  1. Pool Pumps with Variable Speed Options:

    A pool pump is possibly the most important component to a working pool, whether it’s inground or above ground. The pump is responsible for circulating water and keeping your pool clean. Unfortunately, pool pumps without variable speeds can cost you hundreds of dollars per month in electricity. A variable speed pool pump can cut your spendings by up to 80%, which will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars per year.

  2. Protect Your Pool Equipment:

    Pool equipment is flat-out expensive, especially if you invest in quality equipment. There are a series of pumps, hoses, vacuums, filter cartridges, pool nets, pool brushes, and even the pool heater to take care of. Besides these, there are numerous other smaller components that keep your pool operational. Proper storage and maintenance of your pool equipment are paramount to saving money.

  3. Invest in a Solar Pool Cover:

    Another fun and handy idea to save money are to invest in a solar pool cover. Solar pool covers are designed to help keep your pool clean and warm without running your pool heater. The only downside to a solar pool cover is that they’re only effective on warm, sunny days when the sun shines directly onto your pool. The cover transfers the heat of the sun into the pool water and can warm it up by as much as 10 to 15 degrees. 

  4. Maintain Your Pool:

    One of the biggest ways to spend big bucks on your pool is by failing to maintain it. You should clean your pool at least once a month if not every week depending on how much you use it. It might even be worth your while to hire a professional to regularly maintain your pool. For as little as $80 per month depending on where you live, you can have your pool cleaned once a week. While it sounds counterintuitive to pay someone to clean your pool, paying for chlorine, filters, and other supplies can be just as expensive.

  5. Cut Back on Your Pool Heater:

    For some of you, this might not be an issue. However, for those who prefer a pool that feels more like a hot tub, cutting back on the pool heater sounds impossible. Pool heaters are perhaps the most expensive element to a working pool and can cost anywhere from $200 to $600 per month depending on your heater and the size of your pool. Cutting back on how much you use your pool heater is a great way to save big bucks. If you don’t want to cut back on your heat and want to find a better electric rate, contact us at EnerGenie!

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    By taking these small steps of preparation, you can save yourself money while still enjoying your pool.