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What do you think about the Lone Star State? Have you been thinking about moving to Texas because you’ve heard it has some nice benefits when compared to other states? Look into some of the top reasons and you’ll see that it’s no wonder so many have started to move to Texas. It has a lot to offer including things like tax incentives, good jobs, and a host of other great attributes.

Below, we will be looking at five of the top reasons people are moving to Texas and why you might want to follow suit. You’ll learn more about the advantages and some of the Texas cities that could be perfect for you and your family.

Cost of Living

So many other states in the country are making it almost impossible to live comfortably without the need for several roommates or without being crammed into a tiny studio apartment. The cost of living in so many places is outrageous. Take some time to look at the cost of living in a place like San Francisco, for example.

Rent and Mortgages

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco is almost $3,000. You can’t even be sure it’s a nice place to live. The average cost of an apartment in Houston is $1,020 for a one-bedroom. It’s $1,080 in San Antonio. Some cities are a little more expensive, but they are still less than half what you would pay in SF. Dallas, is about $1,460, while Austin is $1,500.

You will also find that there are differences in the prices of homes in the area. You might not have been able to afford to buy a home in a place like New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, etc. However, you will not have nearly as much trouble getting a home in Texas for far less than you would elsewhere. The median home price in Texas is around $300,000. The housing prices are good overall.

However, this doesn’t mean that you are going to be getting any less than you would for a home in another state. The opposite is true. You are going to get so much more bang for your buck in Texas. For a fraction of what you would pay in other states, you can get a much larger and nicer home. You may even be able to afford some land.

Keep in mind there are differences in prices in different parts of the state. You will want to make sure that you take the time to explore some of the various places around the state to find the spot that’s right for you. We’ll cover more about the different types of places you can find later in the article.

Tax Incentive

The overall cost of living is lower than the national average, and you will find that there are even some benefits to your state income tax. Namely, there is no state income tax. This means you are going to receive more out of your paycheck than you would if you were in most other states. Only seven states have this benefit, and Texas is one of them.

Choose Your Electricity Provider

Here’s something else that you aren’t going to find in most places. Energy in Texas is deregulated. This means you can choose your own energy supplier. This choice is nice, as it means you won’t have to stick with just one company that could keep raising your electricity prices.

You will have a range of options from which you can choose, and this means you can find a provider that offers good rates. Of course, this also means that you have to be careful when choosing.

Sometimes, those rates are going to change after a couple of months. You want to learn as much as possible about the provider as possible and make sure you understand the rates. When your contract expires, you can then choose a different provider and try to get some lower rates again.

What About Other Costs?

You will find that even though Texas has a lot of benefits when it comes to the cost of living, some things are a bit costlier. The state sales tax that residents pay is 6.25%, which is higher than a lot of other states. The property tax rate is on the high side at 1.60%. It’s not the highest property taxes—that honor belongs to New Jersey—but it is number 6 on the list of states.

Still, you will find that the cost of living for other aspects of Texas life is still cheaper than in a lot of other states. The food costs for a single resident are around $3,000 per year, or about $9,300 for a family of four, for example. In California, the cost of food is about $3,600 per year for an individual and can be well over $14,000 for a family of four.

Plenty of Places from Which to Choose in the Lone Star State

One of the other top reasons to consider moving to Texas is because of the sheer number of options you have when it comes to finding a place to live. Not only will the cost of living be lower, but you can find an environment that matches your wants and needs.

Major Cities and Small Towns

Some people love the idea of moving to Texas and living in a big city with great opportunities for entertainment, jobs, and more. Others prefer rural life and want to live in one of the small, rural towns. Texas has all of these options and more. You can find a city or town that’s the perfect size for you and that has a nice family-friendly atmosphere.

What type of Texas life works better for you? Do you want to be out in the wilds, or do you want the convenience of the city? Regardless, you can find it.

What Type of Environment Do You Like?

Texas is a large state, and this means you will find several climates and environments across the state. Maybe you want to live on the coast. Houston or Galveston might be a good fit. You can find piney woods to the east, prairies, savannahs, plains, desert, and more. No matter what you might like in terms of your geography, there are towns and cities all across Texas that could work for you.

Excellent Job Opportunities

The Lone Star State has seen and continues to see some impressive job growth across many different sectors. The booming job market comes from all of the growing industries including tech, health, education, aerospace, and engineering. In 2020, quite a few large companies moved to Texas. These companies included Amazon, Tesla, HP, Oracle, and CBRE.

It’s well-known that Texas is home to one of the best economies in the country. It is also considered one of the best states in which to start a business. The state produces 9% of the U.S. GDP behind California, and it is the ninth-largest economy in the world. It’s even ahead of the entire nation of Canada.

Those who are seeking job opportunities should find plenty of options available in the state. Of course, you also have to keep in mind that the types and volume of opportunities will depend on the location. A big city is generally going to have a lot more options for job seekers than a small town will have.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average weekly wage in Texas is $1,227. This is higher than all of the surrounding states and is higher than many other states in the country. It is an economic juggernaut with great job growth, and you shouldn’t have trouble finding some sort of gainful employment once you move to Texas.

Great Educational Opportunities

Another one of the best reasons to consider moving to Texas is the educational opportunities. Texas residents will have some great options for their children when it comes to grade school, high school, and college. You will have options for both public and private schools.

You will find that Texas takes a lot of pride in the universities it offers. You will also find that in-state tuition costs tend to be lower than the national average, which can make it a bit easier to get the education you want for yourself or your kids. Let’s look at some of the options and their costs.

Private universities include Rice University ($51,107/year), Southern Methodist University ($58,540/year), Trinity University ($46,456/year), Texas Christian University ($51,660/year), and Baylor University ($49,246/year).

Public universities include the University of Texas at Austin ($28,894/year), Texas A&M University ($30,042/year), Texas Tech University ($27,782/year), the University of Texas at Dallas ($32,606/year), and University of Houston ($27,687/year).

You Will Never Run Out of Things to Do

Of course, one of the other reasons you will want to come to the Lone Star State is all of the attractions and things to do across the state. It’s not hyperbole to say that you are not going to be able to do everything there is to do in Texas. Let’s look at a few of the places that you might want to visit.

Getting Outdoors

Outdoor enthusiasts will find a diverse landscape as they travel across this massive state. There are options that are sure to intrigue everyone. There are more than 100 parks, historic sites, and natural areas around the state.

Some of the best places to visit include Balmorhea State Park, Big Bend National Park, Big Thicket National Preserve, Enchanted Rock State Park, Garner State Park, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Padre Island National Seashore, Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Waco Mammoth National Monument, and Seminole Canyon State Park.

You will find warm weather throughout most of the year. While the warm weather and sunshine can be great, you will need to remember that it does get hot here. Make sure you prepare for the hot weather when you are outside with sunscreen and plenty of water. Get indoors and cool off if it starts to get too warm.

Historic Sites

You will also discover quite a few interesting historic sites across Texas. One of the most famous of these is the Alamo, of course. It is found in the downtown part of San Antonio and includes the barracks and the chapel. You can find artifacts in the museum and can even see some of the holes from the shots that were fired during the fight.

The Port Isabel Lighthouse State Historic Site can be fun to visit, too. This was built in 1852, and it can provide some nice views of South Padre Island. You can also check out missions across the state, the Pioneer Museum in downtown Fredericksburg, the Victorian mansions in Galveston, and more.

Food, Sports, and More

From delicious Mexican food to the Tex Mex blend of cuisines and countless other foods.   You will fall in love with Texas-style BBQ, and some of the biggest and best steaks in the entire country. There’s plenty to love, and your taste buds will never get bored.

You will also love the sports in the state. Texas residents really do love their sports and support their teams. You can watch the Dallas Cowboys, the Texas Longhorns, the Astros, and other professional and collegiate teams.

The state also has a strong art and music scene, particularly in cities like Austin. If you love creative endeavors, you will find them on display throughout the state. You can check out San Antonio Riverwalk, which is a beautiful city park that has shopping and dining options. There is even a guided boat ride along the river.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is a fun place to visit no matter your age. You can see fossils from prehistoric creatures, and artifacts from ancient Egypt, or experience the planetarium. Another fun spot for you to visit will be Space Center Houston, where you can learn more about NASA.

Of course, this barely starts to scratch the surface of all there is to see and do in Texas. Even as a resident, you would never be able to enjoy everything that the state has to offer. It’s no wonder so many people are moving to Texas.

Just the Start

The five reasons discussed above are just some of the wonderful reasons to consider making a move to Texas. There are plenty of other reasons that you might want to make your home in a place like San Antonio, El Paso, Dallas, or another popular Texas city.

Take some time to look into all of the places that you might want to move to in Texas. Learn more about them, both the pros and the cons, and then make your decision. It can be a great option for young professionals, families, retirees, and everyone in between.